Woodvale supports Variety Club

It was late one night in an Outback Town on the 2015 SA Variety Bash that Kathleen met a lovely bloke, Bob Pilgrim, who was looking to retire from Bashing and to sell his car. He wanted to sell it to someone who loved vehicles as much as he does, someone who would love the 1969 Fairline and look after her well… Suffice to say, Kathleen had to make a call to Kevin the next day to say she may have accidentally bought a BASH Car. Fast forward to August 2016 and Team Hoe were in their first Bash in their own Car!

Variety does such amazing work, raising funds for kids across SA, helping them and their families to lead lives that are made a little bit easier through the generosity of those who donate to this amazing cause.

That’s why we at Woodvale Vintners are proud to announce that for every dozen purchased on the website, $5 will go towards the fundraising efforts of Car Hoe and the team to participate in the 2018 SA Variety Bash!

Check out the good deeds at www.variety.org.au/sa/ and grab your dozen Woodvale Vintners wines and be a part helping kids in need.
Car Hoe Variety Club Bash

Car Hoe Variety Club Bash